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Camino Sky Trek
Monteverde, Costa Rica
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Your Hidden Canopy host can arrange various tours within the Monteverde area as well as arrange for hotels and excursions in other regions of the country. For details, please inquire in reception.

A few of our favorite tours-

  • Guided Cloud Forest Experience The Cloud Forest in Monteverde offers one of the most unique climates in the world. Birdwatchers will delight in the marvels of the cloud forest, which is located along the Continental Divide! This is probably one of Hidden Canopy's most popular tours. Groups are small and intimate (4 to 6 people) and leave twice daily, allowing time for breakfast/lunch and then a full morning/afternoon hike. View mammals, birds and learn about the local ecology. Have your camera with you! Common sightings include the Resplendent Quetzal, Emerald Toucanette and Bell Bird. It's not all about the birds though as sloths, and the occasional monkey roam these forests as well. Speaking of the forest, this habitat is brimming with life on top of life as epiphytes and orchids cover the trees. Our guide chooses whether the walk will be in one of the reserves or on the hanging bridges at treetop level depending on seasonality, animal and bird sightings as we follow the food source and accommodate to changing weather patterns.

    Cost: $55 per person, includes Transport, Park Entry and Guide Fees. Duration, Approx 3-4 hours, Departures at 8AM and 1PM

    Note: Hanging Bridges tour can also be done on your own, UNGUIDED: cost $30 per person with transport included.

  • Monteverde/San Luis Organic Coffee tour Learn all about the coffee process, as well as fair trade market within the industry. Sample fresh brewed coffee in a local campesino farmer's house after touring the farm. This is real Costa Rica life. A bilingual guide will lead you through the coffee farm, showing the process from plant to cup. This is an opportunity to immerse in a Costa Rican tradition and purchase coffee direct from the San Luis farm.

    Duration 3 hours, Departures at 10AM and 2PM, Cost: $35 per person, includes Transport, Entry and Guide

  • Cloud Forest Guided Night Tour After the sunset hour, take a stroll through the nighttime forest in search of sleeping birds, tarantulas, sloths, kinkajous and other local nocturnal mammals. This is a semi-private tour with only Hidden Canopy clients at a special hour to ensure that you are not interrupted during afternoon cocktail hour. This is an easy night time walk through the cloud forest, an amazing place where one will view life on top of life and many endangered and endemic species. Most species are nocturnal, making it more likely to have the opportunity to observe wildlife.

    Duration: 2 hours, Departure 6PM nightly Cost: $35 per person, includes Transport, Entry and Guide.

  • Canopy Zipline Tour Our favorites, for the best security and excellent guides - Original Canopy or Sky Trek. An adrenaline rush with a great view of the gulf. Leaving three times daily throughout the morning and early afternoon. Wear your least favorite dark clothing, you may come home a little dirty.

    Duration Approx 2.5 to 3 hours. Cost $45 to $75 per person.

There are also a number of Art Galleries, Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens, the Frog Pond, Serpentarium (snakes), Horseback riding tours and the wonderful Bat Jungle to explore! You just let us know what your particular interests are and we’ll be sure to help coordinate the activities during your stay with us!

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